It was with great pleasure, but also with mixed emotions, that the very last performance of TRULY YOURS, C.B. took place at the Wellington Arts Festival last week. It is always sad to say goodbye to a show, but especially one that has been around for so long…the first performance was in 2002!

The show has had a very good run, and been all around the country. I am sorry that it did not have more performances in Yorkshire, where the Brontes lived most of their lives.

However, Wellington (near Telford) turned out to be a suitable place for the show, as Patrick Bronte, Charlotte’s father, spent time there as a curate early in his professional life. Apparently he had his poetry published there, too. My performance was part of a season of events to mark the Bronte connection with the town.

Writing and performing a show about such a British icon has been a pleasure, although always nerve-wracking, as some people feel very strongly about the Brontes and their works. No-one has ever criticised the play, but I was always waiting for an angry fan to turn up! Since the show was based on Charlotte’s own words, I hope it was a fair and balanced portrayal. Anyway, it was my best shot!

Time to pack away the costume, ditch the set, and move on to the next…..

Bye-bye Charlotte. You will be missed.