MRS BEETON, MY SISTER – going well!

Launched in September 2015, to mark the 150th anniversary of Mrs Beeton’s death,
MRS BEETON, MY SISTER has now been performed in theatres, schools, heritage centres, village halls, and for WI events.

The first performance as part of a Food Festival will take place at Merthyr Tydfil in July 2016.

This show was specially created for people who need a SHORTER, CHEAPER show.

This show can be performed in TINY spaces, without black-out. The lights and sound can be operated by the performer. Theatrical magic!

The running time is one hour and one minute.

For organisers who fancy this show, but would like a longer event, Alison is happy to do a “Question and Answer” session with the audience, after an interval. These have proved popular, and the questions posed by audience members have certainly been extremely varied and thought-provoking.

Come on libraries…..this show is for you!


From Pewsey:
“Alison Neil’s one woman performance as Mrs Beeton’s sister was lively, humorous and engaging. She managed to convey not only the trials and tribulations of 19th centuray England but also gave us a good sense of Isabella Beeton’s character and the nature of her large colourful family…not to be missed!

…a perfect Sunday afternoon!”

From Backwell:
“We all enjoyed your show very much. I sat there watching very jealously just wishing that I had some of your expertise! Of course, without the years of training, the dedication and experience that you have, such thoughts should not enter my mind!

Thank you for coming to Backwell – you have a captive audience here wanting more!

“Just to say how I enjoyed the evening at Backwell. I learnt so much about the Beetons and life then. “

“Just a quick note to say again how much we enjoyed Mrs Beeton’s Sister last week. Many congratulations to Alison for bringing her to life!”

My original show, BELLA – THE STORY OF MRS BEETON was very successful, having hundreds of performances. The show closed in 2002, because I was getting too old to play Mrs Beeton convincingly. However, people still asked for the show…..

So when I decided to do a short, simple show at half the price of my others, to fit into tiny venues, and for smaller audiences, it seemed a good idea to tell the story of Mrs Beeton in a new way. But how? I re-read Kathryn Hughes’ definitive biography of Mrs Beeton, and the answer became clear. It had to be Isabella’s sister, the remarkable Bessie. By telling the story through her eyes, the same events appear quite different….