Live shows began again for me in August 2021. Both myself and the audiences seem to be more than ready to enjoy live theatre once more. Between August and October I have performed eight shows for venues that had to cancel and reschedule on numerous occasions over the past 18 months. Audience members have been given plenty of space, and great care has been taken to keep the events as safe as possible. What a joy to be back, and a huge thank you to the organisers who have taken the risk of opening up their venues again, and audiences who have come to see the shows.

And…thank you to all the audience members who have put money into my charity collecting box at the shows. Pangolins have become a little bit more famous in the last two years, but they still need saving from extinction. I have just emptied the box and sent off another £100 to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, who do amazing work rescuing and rehabilitating pangolins captured and intended for the trade across the border in China. Every pangolin saved from a hideous fate is a tiny victory.