Really happy to report that “GLOWING BRIGHT”, the story of Marie Curie, will premiere at Backwell Theatre, near Bristol on 25th and 26th February 2022. A huge thank you to the team there for allowing me to open my show in their lovely theatre.

The show will then visit the Philip Squires Community Centre in Coytrahen, South Wales, at 7pm on 4th March 2022.

There will also be several shows in Gloucestershire during early March, (details soon) and it will then join my other shows, available for bookings anywhere in the country.

“GLOWING BRIGHT” will run for just over an hour, and will tell the extraordinary story of Marie Curie’s life; her amazing scientific discoveries with her husband Pierre, of course, but also her turbulent later years, her astonishing work during World War I, and her love/hate relationship with her adoring fans all over the world.

Very much looking forward to launching “GLOWING BRIGHT” at last!

Alison Neil as Marie Curie in the forthcoming “GLOWING BRIGHT”

Marie Curie