The new show, “GLOWING BRIGHT – The Story of Marie Curie” opened at the Backwell Playhouse on 25th February, with a run of three performances. These ‘try-outs’ were very well attended, and huge thanks go to the organisers for letting me use the beautiful studio theatre, and also for publicising the performances so well.

We then did four more ‘try-outs’ in Coytrahen in South Wales, Yorkley in the Forest of Dean, and Gotherington and Frampton-on-Severn in Gloucestershire. More thanks to all the organisers for letting me ‘borrow’ these great venues to get the show into good shape before I actually start charging for a performance. Thanks also to “Air In G”, Gloucestershire’s rural touring scheme, for arranging the three shows in their area.

All these shows were followed by a Question and Answer session, with some extremely interesting questions. Some of the science queries floored me immediately, of course, but google provided the answers! I now know what colour pure radium is, among other things.

The show is now in a fit state to go on the road officially, and the first performance will be in Merthyr Tydfil’s Redhouse on 22 March.

Very pleased that “GLOWING BRIGHT” has now joined my other one-hour shows. I hope it will prove as popular as “MRS BEETON, MY SISTER” and “LARKS AND MAGIC”. I very much look forward to taking it round the country to venues in which I have performed many times, and hopefully some new ones too.